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glowing skin for Valentine's Day 2020

Get glowing skin for Valentine’s Day 2020

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Get glowing skin for Valentine’s Day 2020! Can you believe Valentine’s Day 2020 is already upon us! Have you booked in any last-minute skin treatments to ensure you are glowing for your loved one or romantic night? If not, we’ve lined up our absolute favourite skin treatments that will have you looking like Hailey Bieber on her wedding day.

These skin treatments are available at Privee Clinic in Bondi Junction. To book, call ph: 8041 5725.

Minimise fine lines and contour the face and neck!

If you haven’t heard of our Venus Viva Skin Tightening you are missing out. This skin treatment only takes between 30 – 45 min and there is no downtime. Perfect if you haven’t planned your skin regime ahead of this Valentine’s Day!

A hand-held device is used in circular motions across treatment areas (face, neck, décolletage) to stimulate collagen production and circulation. The results are effective immediate and you can expect to see increased radiance and a more contoured face.

To get the best results from the Venus Viva Skin Tightening Treatment we recommend 6 treatments (1 per week).

Rejuvenate your face and reduce fine lines, acne scarring and sun damage!

If you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun this Summer or need an effective facial rejuvenation without the downtime, skin needling is the perfect skin treatment. Book this one five days ahead of Valentine’s day to ensure you have healed entirely!

Skin needling is one of the latest and effective skin renewal treatments. It is far less invasive than laser skin treatments and does not require the removal of the epidermis.

A handheld device with several tiny sterile microneedles is used to puncture the outermost layers of the skin. Don’t worry, this sounds far worse than it feels! A topical anaesthetic is also applied to the face and neck prior to treatment so that it feels like a gentle scratching on your skin’s surface.

Post treatment it’s best to stay out of the sun and indoors. Your skin will be red and slightly sensitive for a few hours, however will be completely healed in 48 hours. Additionally, your skin therapist will recommend products based on your skin concerns to use post treatment. This will lead to a dramatic acceleration of regenerative processes and consolidation of procedure results. Just in time for date night!

Help, I have a few days until Valentine’s Day!

If you are only a few days away from date night, all is not lost! We highly recommend a RejuvaLight™ Diode Light Therapy Treatment as there is no downtime and only takes 20 – 30 mins. No excuses ladies, you can do this one on your lunch break!

An LED machine consisting of hundreds of tiny individual red and blue light emitting diodes, is situated directly over your face or treatment area. The various coloured lights offer different advantages. The red lights deeply penetrate the skin to counteract the effects of ageing, encouraging collagen and elastin production to improve elasticity, diminish fine lines, wrinkles.

The blue light works to neutralise acne causing bacteria and reduce inflammation! For best results, we recommend a course of 6 sessions under the light. However, a difference may be seen after one!

Don’t forget to book an advance this Valentine’s Day! Call Privee Clinic in Bondi Junction to book.

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