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How to look younger this Christmas

By Natalie

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How to look younger this Christmas

We’re already a week into the festive season, racing around trying to complete our gift checklist or planning our traditional Christmas catch ups. It’s safe to say we’re all feeling a little exhausted and we may just have forgotten to treat the most important person in our lives – YOU!! We’ve got the perfect wish list of tips and tricks that will help you to look younger this Christmas and wow your family and friends.

How to look younger this Christmas
Tip 1

Never leave your house without sunscreen! Especially in the hot Australian sun! This is an easy tip, but one of the most beneficial in preserving your skin. Every day you don’t wear sunscreen (cloudy or sunny) you are at risk of developing skin cancer, discolouration, spots and wrinkles. Studies show that the UV rays from the sun damage the elastic fibres that keep skin firm. This can lead to premature ageing.

Tip 2

It’s no secret that our lips tend to thin with age. To reverse the signs of ageing a plump lip at Christmas is a game changer. Whether you need to increase their volume or help to reduce asymmetry, our leading nurse Natalie can guide you. A lighter filler for an area such as the lips will last approximately 6-9 months, so it’s the Christmas gift for yourself that just keeps giving well into the New Year.

Tip 3

Avoid matte foundations if you are looking for a more youthful appearance! Matte foundation tends to cake in the fine lines on the face, making you look older! you can never go wrong with glowing, freshly moisturised skin and a dewy foundation base. Take it one step further with a cream bronzer instead of powder.

Tip 4

Treat yourself to laser treatment on your hands! When you are applying your sunscreen, don’t forget to apply it to the back of your hands. We often forget that your hands are regularly in the sun, even when we are driving, which can lead to pigmentation and ageing. Laser treatment can help reduce skin discolouration on your hands. Alternatively, injecting fillers into the hands can also hydrate and plump the skin, making them appear youthful and rejuvenated.

Tip 5

Have you heard of the Liquid Facelift? If you haven’t you can check out our previous blog here.

To summarise, liquid Facelift is a non-surgical facelift that involves the strategic placement of dermal filler in different facial zones to lift, tone, plump and rejuvenate as needed. Sounds amazing, right? As our gift to your this Christmas, Privee Clinic in Sydney is offering a Liquid Facelift for only $1695!! This includes 3MLS of dermal filler, 1 area of anti-wrinkle treatment and an LED light!!

Call the Privee Clinic in Bondi Junction, Sydney, to book this special promotion while stocks last. Ph: 8041 5725
Tip 6

Fake some cheek bones with dermal filler! As we age our underlying bony facial structure changes which can lead to bone loss in certain areas of the face. This results in an aged appearance. Enhancing your cheekbones is a great way to add structure to your face and they last the longest! You can expect your cheek filler to last up to 2 years!

Call the Privee Clinic in Bondi Junction, Sydney, to book a consultation with our specialist injector Natalie Ph: 8041 5725
Tip 7

Finally, it goes without saying to rest and stay hydrated. Not only is it important to stay hydrated in general, hyaluronic based fillers are water-binding. By moisturising daily and drinking plenty of water, you can help to enhance the water-absorption effect of hyaluronic-based fillers, helping treated areas remain plump and wrinkle-free!

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