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Natalie Abouchar RN


Director of Privée Clinic, Natalie has been a Registered Nurse for over 10 years. She began her nursing career at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth and then commenced her post graduate training in critical care at the Alfred Hospital ICU in Melbourne. It was while on a working holiday in the UK in 2008 that she fell into the Cosmetic Industry and began working along side a prominent Plastic Surgeon.

From this point onwards she knew that Cosmetic Injecting was her passion and has since cemented her name as one of the leaders in her profession.

Since being back in Australia in 2009, Natalie has worked for some of the most renown cosmetic clinics and surgeons.

Natalie currently holds the role of Clinical Trainer for Galderma the company who makes Restylane and Dysport and trains both Doctors and Nurses in the art of injecting.

Natalie keeps up to date on all the latest trends and techniques by regularly attending conferences and workshops both locally and abroad.

She has been quoted in numerous fashion and beauty magazines and industry publications as the go-to person for cosmetic injectables and Privée was listed as The No. 1 place to go to for Cosmetic Treatments by Grazia Magazine 2013.